Today was not a good day for me. Having been slightly chilled the last time I walked I put on what I thought would be sufficient layers, not checking the weather report. I was frozen about halfway around the first loop.
As the cold increased so did the pain in my shins. I had not felt any soreness from the first day of walking until this point. But every step was getting more and more painful. As I rounded the back side of the park, and hit some downward slopes the pain increased.
I also began to feel pain in my side. Having recently had a ruptured cyst I was worried that I was overdoing it so soon.
By the time I reached the car after only one loop I was shuffling my feet and holding my side. So I made the decision to not complete a second loop despite my lenten discipline. So a $1 will be going into the box later today.

Let’s hope next week proves more productive.