I love Follow Friday! Don’t know what that is??? Well if you’re on twitter you should! It’s only the best day ever!

Follow Friday happens every Friday in the Twitterverse! Twitter users send out reccomendations to their followers of other Twitter users that they enjoy following.  They tag their posts with #followfriday or #ff so that others can easily find them in a search of Twitter posts.  If you’re new to Twitter or decide to join, this is a great way to find interesting people to follow.  It’s also a way to thank people who follow you!

Why do I love it so much? Easy. Follow Friday is almost like a book club.  Here are all your friends reccomending a good book to read.  This is a chance for you to find new people to interact with, network with, share ideas with! It’s also a chance for you to acknowledge the people you follow so they know that what they are sending out into the Twitter ether is appreciated.

Follow Friday is so often overlooked or rushed through. Some users always reccomend the same tweeps.  Others just retweet users who reccomend them, a little self serving but not altogether bad.

So here’s a challenge! The next Follow Friday, go onto your Twitter account and really think:  “Who do I love on Twitter and why?”.  Then send out individual posts to each one of these people with a note about why you enjoy them! I promise it will make your Twitter experience more enjoyable and you’ll see a better return from your followers!